I developed my very first web page at University in 1995, and got my first professional web development job when I left in 1998. Although I had a previous working life before further education, it was really in the online arena where my destiny lay – even though I didn’t know it at the time.

I started as a web developer at Kitbag.com, the online sports retailer. I was there seven long, but exciting and satisfying years and grew with them from being a small start up selling a few football shirts a week through to providing the e-commerce solutions to some of the worlds biggest football clubs.

I followed this role by moving into a development/management role for a medium sized, multi-channel hobby business in Derby, UK. This was an extremely varied and busy role, and I was able to put all my skills into practice, and learn a whole bunch of new ones too.

My heart really lay with the digital marketing side though, and this prompted my next move to large software company in Nottingham, UK. It is here I’ve been able to fine tune my skills, and enhance the ones I needed to, and has made me a well rounded and experienced web professional.

Thinking back, not many of us knew what we wanted to be when we grew up. What I didn’t realise was that for me, it was because that career path didn’t even exist. But now, thank goodness, it does.

Although originally from Surrey, I’m now based in East Staffordshire in the UK. My interests include family time of course, walking, mountain biking, photography, gaming, movies and home cinema. Feel free to get in touch!