How to make the Firefox disappearing Forward button disappear

In line with Mozillas new rapid release programme, Firefox 10 has a couple of new minor features. One of them is a new ‘disappearing foward button’.

As part of their plans to make the browser interface, or chrome, a more intuitive part of the experience, Firefox have made the ‘forward’ button only show when there is actually a page to move forward to. This makes sense, why use up valuable screen real estate when you don’t have to?

It is a nice usability touch and although I can’t say it was a feature I was gagging for, it was stil something I was keen to try out. Except it didn’t work for me – it was showing all the time.

If you’re having the same problem, there appears to be two possible fixes (although please comment if you know of any more):

  1. In Options > Toolbar Layout, you have the ‘Use Small Icons’ checkbox ticked;
  2. You have other buttons between the foward button and the address bar.

It was this last option that worked for me. If you use an extension or add on which places buttons in this location (Delicious was the cause for me), then simply moving them to the other side of the addres bar will fix the problem.

You can move icons by clicking the orange Firefox menu option at top right, selecting Options > Toolbar Layout (or right click on the toolbar and click ‘Customise’) and then click drag the icons them to a new spot. Simple.