Google give us a splurge of new stuff to think about

Just when I was thinking that SEO had settled for a short while, along comes a whole load of new stuff to think about!

The last organic search ‘feature’ I needed to think about was the new Canonical tag which allows website owners to specify which page they wish Google to use as the primary page. This was expecially useful for me as the site I work on is an e-commerce site with one product page being accessed by potentially dozens of different links. Despite introducing it about 6 weeks ago on to the site, I think I am starting to see a little benefit from it now, but it is still early days.

Anyhoo, Google announced yesterday on their Webmaster Central Blog about these new things called Rich Snippets. For me and our site, this is potentially really exciting but has given me a whole load of stuff to think about and do. We like to get things done early so we’re ready for when Google finally rolls out their new features, so I’ve got to consult with our third party rating and review providers, and plan how I’m going to get this stuff done.

If you’re in a position to use some of these new features I would advise you to get ready for them as soon as possible – you just never know when the big G is going to launch them to the masses!